I started this business with the aspirations of making brides beautiful and I strive to make them feel polished and elegant on their special day. I specialize in bridal gowns, but I never limit myself to one specific category of fashion. We have evolved our store in able to cater to different needs such as: wedding gowns, mother of the bride, prom and evening wear as well as special occasion gowns. Once your dress is picked out, we have a wide selection of jewellery, shoes, headpieces and other accessories to make your look complete. Should any alterations be needed, you can trust your dress with our talented seamstress, who with a meticulous attention to detail, will make your dream dress come to life.




We carry the most famous brands Lots of Them! and collections 6 Total Layouts! that allow you to find amazing dresses for your wedding day.

venus bridal -bella formal brides maids -dress-bm1578
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venus bridal -bella formal brides maids dress-bm1578


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venus bridal Bella formal brides maids dress-Bm1704


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